Kingery Construction recently completed the construction of a new elementary school in a rapidly growing northeast area of Lincoln. Situated at the intersection of 102nd and Portage Road within the Waterford Estates neighborhood, this modern educational facility is named after the esteemed LPS teacher, Ada Robinson.

Spanning an impressive 85,000 square feet, the new school boasts a robust structure composed of structural steel, masonry, and precast materials. It has been meticulously designed to meet the educational needs of students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. The building encompasses various essential spaces, including classrooms, administrative offices, a kitchen, a multipurpose cafeteria with a small stage, a library, a computer lab, a gymnasium, and mechanical/electrical areas. Moreover, the architectural plan accounts for potential future expansion, ensuring that additional classroom space can be seamlessly incorporated as the school’s enrollment grows.

In addition to the academic facilities, the school premises feature a dedicated playground areas one for the younger students and a larger playset for the upper grades, a spacious parking lot to accommodate staff and visitors, and ample green spaces for outdoor activities. This approach to design of the school aims to provide an enriching and well-rounded learning environment for the students while prioritizing their physical well-being and encouraging outdoor engagement.

By constructing this state-of-the-art elementary school, Lincoln Public Schools is not only catering to the educational requirements of the community but also demonstrating their commitment to fostering a progressive and supportive learning environment for the students of the Waterford Estates neighborhood.

85,000 sq. ft.


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BCDM | Lincoln


August 22, 2022


Lincoln Public Schools