The Stolley Park Elementary School is one of several school projects currently under construction for the Grand Island School District.  Located in the Southeast quadrant of Grand Island, NE, the project receives a significant amount of attention from the School District due to its high visibility.  The expectations of the Grand Island School District are very high and we strive to meet the challenges presented.

Though there have been some significant hurdles along the way, such as inclement weather which has held up the site related work and interior slab pours, our superintendent has managed the project to maintain the schedule as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Rich keeps the end goal in focus and continually works to streamline every aspect of the project.

The building is a 66,965 sf, two story precast structure which includes kitchen facilities, a commons area, administrative offices, gymnasium and classrooms.  This is a project Kingery Construction will be proud for years to come.

66,965 sq ft


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CMBA Architects


August 30, 2018


Grand Island Public Schools