“The road to success is always under construction.”

 Arnold Palmer

Our management team can oversee construction projects of all sizes; whether it be a restoration, tenant improvement, an addition, or the construction of a new facility. No matter the project, Kingery Construction Co. will deliver. Our promise is to complete your project on time and on budget, while meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

SINCE 1924

Our History

In the late 19th century, William Henry Kingery embarked on a long journey from southeast Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1884. He sought employment at various planning mills in the city and quickly gained experience and knowledge in the construction industry.

In the early 1900s, William partnered with a business associate to establish the Enterprise Planning Mill. As years went by, William bought out his partner’s share of the business, and his son, Everett Kingery, joined the company. Under the name Enterprise, they provided millwork services across the state of Nebraska.

Tragedy struck on April 7, 1924, when a fire engulfed the mill. Undeterred, William and Everett decided to rebuild and start a construction company. Thus, in 1924, the father-son duo founded Kingery Construction Co. Armed with just a few shovels, a wheelbarrow, and a flatbed truck, they began their new venture. During the 1920s, the company focused on constructing public schools and university projects, establishing strong relationships that would pave the way for numerous educational endeavors in the following century.

Kingery Construction Co. flourished and expanded, securing numerous projects under the Public Works Administration in the 1930s. In January 1946, Orville Kingery, Everett’s son, returned from the Navy and took on the role of estimating and bidding. That same year, Harvey Hales, Orville’s brother-in-law and an Air Force veteran, also joined the family business. Harvey started in the field and eventually earned a promotion to superintendent.

In the early 1950s, Orville’s younger brother, Wayne Kingery, joined him in managing the company. Wayne had recently graduated from the University of Nebraska and served in the Army during World War II. Throughout the 1960s, Kingery Construction Co. diversified its portfolio by undertaking church, hospital, commercial, and private design-build projects. Orville and Wayne instilled a business philosophy of hard work, integrity, and character in all employees.

Today, Kingery Construction is led by President Rod Berens, formerly the Controller and Vice-President Rick Wintermute, formerly a Project Manager/Project Executive. As one of the top commercial contractors in Lincoln, Nebraska, our company specializes in educational, religious, financial, healthcare, and office building projects. We offer services in Construction Management at Risk, Construction Management as Agent, Design/Build, and Design/Bid/Build. The team at Kingery Construction Co. is dedicated to delivering exceptional vision and commitment to both the company and our clients. We strive to ensure that every project is successful and enjoyable for all parties involved.

Over the past 99 years, Kingery Construction Co. has prioritized providing quality service and assembling an exceptional team for every project. We understand the importance of meeting client expectations for excellent work and responsiveness. We have cultivated strong relationships with esteemed architects and owners in eastern Nebraska and the Lincoln area. Our portfolio includes projects of various sizes, complexities, and significance. We are excited to have been, and continue to be, involved in projects that define our communities ranging from State Capitol Restorations to newer campus additions such as Northeast Community College Residence Hall and Cafeteria/Student Life Building in Norfolk Nebraska. Other area projects include Seward Middle School in Seward Nebraska, St. Patrick Catholic Church and The Nebraska Department of Corrections’ 160 Bed Female Living Unit and Facility Expansion, both in Lincoln Nebraska. Our values are reflected in the buildings we construct.

A Devastating Fire
It all began with a devastating fire at the Enterprise Planning Mill, which was owned by Everett and William Kingery. This unfortunate event served as a catalyst for the father and son duo, propelling them on an extraordinary journey over the next six years. Armed with their shovels, wheelbarrow, and a converted old touring car transformed into a flatbed truck, they embarked on their new venture.

With determination and a spirit of resilience, Everett and William Kingery set out to create something remarkable. Their journey took them through various projects and endeavors, where they utilized their tools and resourcefulness to build and construct. Each step forward represented their unwavering commitment to their craft and their desire to leave a lasting impact.

Building Facilities
By 1930, Kingery Construction Co. had become actively involved in constructing various facilities, including projects in collaboration with the State and Public Works Administration. These initiatives aimed to spur economic growth and alleviate the effects of the Great Depression by investing in infrastructure development.

Kingery Construction, like many other construction companies during that period, took part in government-funded projects supported by programs such as the State and Public Works Administration. These programs provided employment opportunities and aimed to stimulate the economy by initiating construction ventures across the country.

Iconic Nebraska Buildings
During the 1960s, Kingery Construction Co. became actively involved in constructing numerous iconic buildings in Nebraska. Their expertise and dedication allowed them to forge strong relationships with established businesses and educational institutions in Lincoln and the surrounding communities. These relationships continue to flourish over the next 60+ years, solidifying Kingery Construction’s reputation as a trusted and respected construction company.

Throughout this period, Kingery Construction took great pride in their work and the projects they undertook. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail helped them create remarkable structures that left a lasting impact on the Nebraska landscape. As the years passed, Kingery continued to contribute to the growth and development of the region. Their dedication to excellence, coupled with their longstanding partnerships, allowed them to play a significant role in shaping the architectural landscape of Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Continued Impact
Today, the impact of Kingery Construction Co. continues to be evident across numerous communities in Nebraska. Our ongoing contributions have left a lasting imprint, and we take pride in the positive changes we have helped bring about. As we look towards the future, Kingery eagerly anticipates the prospects that lie ahead, as we continue to foster and cultivate our partnerships.

The company remains committed to our core values and mission, consistently delivering exceptional construction projects that meet the needs and aspirations of the communities around us. Kingery Construction recognizes the importance of collaboration and recognizes that our success is intertwined with the strength of our partnerships.

With an eye toward the future, Kingery is excited about the possibilities that await us. We are eager to embark on new ventures, tackle innovative projects, and contribute to the growth and development of Nebraska communities. Through our ongoing dedication and nurturing of partnerships, we aim to create a lasting and positive impact for years to come.

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"Your company truly represented the idea that you wanted to complete the project on time and on budget. But I have especially appreciated that now that the project is complete, your firm is still involved in making sure that we are satisfied with all aspects of the building."

Craig Pease (Superintendent, Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools)

"Your staff pays attention to details, pre-plans talk to be sure the project is constantly progressing and demonstrates patience and consistency."

Barry Shull (Manager, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

"We have trusted them [Kingery Construction Co.] to finish projects on time and on budget. The construction quality and craftsmanship demonstrated have consistently been above our expectations."

Alan Fosler (Senior Vice President, Union Bank & Trust)

"They [Kingery Construction Co.] are knowledgeable, work unbelievable hours, communicate well with the owner, attend any meetings and genuinely care about the owner and the end product."

Greg Barnes (Superintendent, School District of Seward)