For this process:

The Design-Bid-Build process is the traditional project delivery format and consists of three phases.
Phase One is Design, Phase Two is Bidding and Phase Three is Construction

  • Phase One – Design. The Owner retains an architect/design professional to design a project, including the construction drawings and technical specifications.
  • Phase Two – Bidding. The bidding will be opened to a select number of contractors that are invited or opened to any contractor. The owner is then responsible for choosing the company to complete the project. Generally, the project is awarded to the general contractor with the lowest bid, however, the owner is not always obligated to accept the lowest responsible bid. In some cases, factors including past performance and quality of other work can influence the selection process.
  • Phase Three – Construction and Close Out. Begins once necessary permits are achieved from all jurisdictional authorities. The general contractor will manage the construction process and daily activity on the construction site.