Apple Roofing has its roots in Lincoln but they are quickly becoming a multi-state super power. As the largest Nebraska based roofing company, they now offer services in 13 states from 4 branch offices. With such an exciting future, space was a premium. When the decision was made to expand their offices and warehousing space, Kingery Construction Co. was excited to help out.

Apple Roofing approached Kingery Construction Co. to partner with them utilizing the Design-Build process. The original concept included masonry bearing walls with a conventional steel structure.  Kingery  Construction Co. recommended evaluating a pre engineered structure and alternate exterior cladding. This evaluation led to the final design. The new office was designed with an open concept sales area, two conference/training areas as well as individual offices. The Owners selected an industrial look with open ceilings and exposed columns.

Several of the interior walls are full glass “Dirtt” walls to add to the open feeling. The new warehouse is attached to the two level office which keeps all activity in a single point location. There is an abundance of glass in the exterior walls for natural lighting.  The exterior consists of a combination of Architectural Metal panels and Nichiha wood panels.

The resulting building won the 2016 Behlen Building of the Year award and provided Apple Roofing with the stylish space required to meet with clients and train staff.

19,500 sq ft


Dustin Biegler and Marcus Kuhlman | 402.475.0098

Reed Architects


February 17, 2018


Apple Roofing