The Lied Center for Performing Arts, located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Campus, has been committed to being the preeminent performing arts center in the region since it opened. The Lied Center proudly serves the students and community through the presentation of artistic performances by the finest musicians, dancers, actors and entertainers in the world.

The nearly seven-story high stage house accommodates the state-of-the-art stage, made of six layers of wood that overlap in a grid pattern creating a floor that has “spring” for the dancers. The Main Hall Auditorium is an instrument in and of itself. There are no parallel walls and the seats were specifically designed to absorb the same amount of sound whether or not people are sitting in them.

Housed on the west side of the Lied Center is a black box theater, called the Johnny Carson Theater. This space allows the University Theater Department and a variety of local and national groups to bring presentations to the community on a smaller scale. With the ability of adjustable acoustics, the audio from events in the Main Hall can be duplicated in this location.

150,000 sq. ft


Howard Parker | Retired



August 30, 1990


University of Nebraska-Lincoln