General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical System facility in Lincoln designs and manufactures a variety of mission-critical products for U.S Department of Defense applications. General Dynamics-OTS kicked off an effort in late 2018 to add 50,000 sq ft space to its existing facilities to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of the defense market. Essential requirements for the project included compliance with budget expectations, an open design to facilitate optimized production flows, and completion of the project by the middle of December 2019.

Kingery Construction Co. coordinated all aspects of design and construction, completing the project within time and budget. Our team overcame challenges including a one-month delay for existing soil conditions and frequent rain events during foundation and flatwork tasks. From the original proposal to final design, Kingery was able to modify the building to better accommodate General Dynamics-OTS’s needs without undue costs. The project includes manufacturing, office and conference spaces along with a break area, locker and restrooms.

50,000 sq. ft.


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Davis Design | Lincoln


December 1, 2019


General Dynamics - OTS