For nearly a century, the Nebraska State Capitol has stood as an iconic symbol of art and architecture in the capital city. Kingery Construction Co. is honored to have constructed the final piece of the original design, the courtyard fountains.

Since the initial construction began before, and continued after, the stock market crash of 1929, the State was unable to complete many of the pioneering design elements, including the courtyard fountains. In 2013, a group of former state senators came together to develop a plan to finally complete the original courtyard fountain vision.

Over the course of the project Kingery Construction Co. recreated, with careful attention to detail, the original designs with a few modern modifications. One such change was casting the fountains in Bronze rather than the original plan of lead. This will allow for a more environmentally sound and longer lasting finished product without losing the look and feel of desired concept in1929.

Kingery Construction Co. is proud to have been chosen as the contractor on this project and allowed to help make Nebraska’s most recognizable building complete and true to its original design.

4 Courtyard Fountains


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December 17, 2018


State Of Nebraska