The vision of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s George W. Beadle Center was the creation of a research environment that unites scientists, educators, colleagues and students in a uniquely functional way. The 153,000 sq. ft. research facility provides research space for the departments of biochemistry, biological sciences and the Center for Biotechnology. The Beadle Center promotes collaboration and spontaneous integration of educators and students, while providing efficient and flexible laboratories.

During planning, great importance was placed upon the space for learning. In order to accommodate the advances occurring in all scientific fields, many of the laboratories were based on a modular concept that provides an appropriate level of adaptability in space configuration, building systems and laboratory furniture. Because the classrooms and laboratories are built on a modular system, the Beadle Center is prepared for minimal interruption when increasing or decreasing a classroom or laboratory. The laboratories are equipped with modern instrumentation and constructed to provide research and developmental space, along with modern greenhouses and controlled environment growth rooms to encourage innovative teaching and expanded research opportunities.

153,000 sq. ft


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August 30, 1995


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